Cargonyx is the shipping division of your company: an agent so trusted that you can consider it an integrated part of your company


road Freight services

Cargonyx aims to become a strategic partner for its customers in expansion plans, as so the very first supporter arranging any kind of road cargo related products and services in different regions, providing export/import road feeding and various distribution solutions.

Cargonyx is also able to create optimal transportation solutions that take lead time and cost into account by combining the air freight and other transportation modes that we provide.

The competence and professionalism of our team allow us to interact and prepare the transport in collaboration with our partner airlines. Along with our customers, we study the best air freight solutions depending on time and economical aspects. Air shipments are treated under special supervision by Cargonyx in order to provide safe and economic solutions.

Air carriers booking and tracking system allow us to track & trace the status of shipments and provides customers with all necessary information.

Cargonyx has strong relationships with the most trucking performers in Europe & Central Asia and offers the following services to its customers:
We provide trucking services (RFS) on scheduled Italian national routes and the European territory, as well as, offering “Exclusive” transportation services with dedicated truck to any European destinations.

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